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Resilient Rhythms co-founders Louise and Karen are practicing Health Care Professions Council Registered Music Therapists. They bring a combined experience of over 50 years’ working with children and young people across the education sector. 

Music in schools can “empower children to believe in, celebrate and enjoy their inherent abilities“. 

(Graeme Barclay, Times Educational Supplement)

Recognising that children learn in different ways they passionately believe in the magic of music to enable children to grow and access the curriculum. Having seen the increasing need for creative ideas in schools to help children who may have additional educational needs Resilient Rhythms offers training for staff and workshops for children. 


Meet the team

Louise Kelly


Louise Kelly is co-founder of Resilient Rhythms and has been a practicing Music Therapist for 20 years, working in a variety of settings including nursery, primary schools, summer camps, community groups and home visits. 

Louise holds a Diploma in Music Therapy (Dip. M.Th) from Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. Her undergraduate degree is in Music and Sociology (BA Comb Hons Degree).

In addition to her music therapy work, Louise is a counsellor for children and adolescents and is continually active in the promotion and development of Mental and Emotional Health by volunteering as a dual counsellor for the NSPCC Childline service.

She is the co-founder and co-facilitator of a School Resilience Program, provides bespoke training programs for teachers and support staff on Therapeutic Music Making as well as presenting on numerous Music and Mindfulness Webinars for corporate companies. Louise has completed the Rhythm to Recovery Drumming training which informs her approach with children and young people. 


Karen Diamond


Karen Diamond is co-founder of Resilient Rhythms and has been a music therapist for 30 years working extensively with children in early years, nursery and primary schools in mainstream and special education settings. 

Karen holds, a Diploma in Music Therapy (Dip. M.Th) from Guildhall School of Music & Drama London, and a Masters in Music Therapy (M.M.Th) from Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. Her undergraduate degree is in Music (B.Mus Hons) from Queen’s University Belfast and she holds a Diploma in Vocal Performance from Trinity College London. 

In addition to her clinical work Karen is an Associate Lecturer on the Master’s in Education course at St Mary’s University College Belfast and has lectured on various Music Therapy Training courses. Karen established the first Music Therapy service in interface nursery and primary schools in Northern Ireland and has written and presented on this innovative and ground-breaking approach in education. She has been responsible for the design and clinical management of the largest global trial ever carried out with children and young people and is a learning support co-ordinator and creative therapist with the Middletown Centre for Autism.

Karen has extensive experience facilitating workshops for children and young people, training sessions and lectures for teachers, education and health professionals. She has a reputation for being an inspiring and engaging presenter who enables participants to feel comfortable and confident using music.   Her vision is to inspire and enable children, young people and professionals to experience and benefit from the power of music.



Staff Training (Nursery/Primary)

Making room for creativity while meeting the needs of the curriculum is a challenge however, music has been scientifically proven to enable children to learn. 

Resilient Rhythms’ approach is informed by child centred theories and recent research. 

Recognising that not all staff feel confident using music if it is not their specialism Resilient Rhythms training activities will equip all staff to confidently integrate music more fully into their everyday practice supporting:  

  • RCognitive Skills
  • RCreativity & Fun
  • REmotional Regulation
  • RInteraction And Play Skills
  • RLanguage & Communication Skills
  • RPhysical & Proprioceptive Movement

Staff Training

One day staff training session

Resilient Rhythm workshops include a blend of theoretical and experiential learning for staff as they discover their role in supporting children and young people using music. Given the increasing numbers of children presenting with additional educational needs there will be in depth exploration about why and how using music with children can help support these needs.  

The aim of the session is to help nursery/primary teachers and staff understand how various music and mindfulness techniques can increase an individuals’ capacity for learning and for coping in the school environment.  

Teachers and staff are introduced to each element of the Resilient Rhythms programme, and they are provided with practical strategies and resources for implementation in their own educational setting. 

For children

Music workshops for Primary School children

Music minors

Resilient Rhythms will come to your school and facilitate three 50 minute sessions during the day. These sessions are open to pupils in classes from P1- P7/Junior Infants-6th Class. The activities are adapted to be age appropriate for each year group and include: 

  • RPurposeful breathing
  • RProprioceptive movement (action songs)
  • RExpressive and creative use of voice (chants, singing)
  • RBody Mind connection (body percussion)
  • REmotional Regulation (grounding)

Creative composers

Resilient Rhythms will come to your school and facilitate a half-day session for one class. This session is open to P4 – P7/ 4th class-6th class pupils and the activities will combine emotional regulation and body mind connection leading on to pupils creating: 

  • RA song
  • RA piece of music
  • RTheir own art and/or movement piece
  • RIdentifying what they can use for relaxation

Empowered ensembles

Resilient Rhythms will come to your school and facilitate a half-day session for P7/6th Class pupils. This is a challenging year for pupils as they participate in assessments, prepare to change schools and are developing emotionally and physically.  Empowered Ensembles sessions use music to explore, recognise and address anxiety through purposeful breathing, emotional regulation and positive self-talk.

If you would like to hear more, please contact us: hello@resilientrhythms.co.uk

Children with additional needs

Sometimes it is difficult to think of or find resources which are fun and accessible for children with additional needs.  We endeavour to make music accessible to all children so that they can have fun and participate too. We have created songs and musical stories which have been successfully used with children with moderate learning difficulties and those which speech and language delay. 

Who we've worked with


Kate 6th - Class teacher

Content excellent-age appropriate and very relatable to life. Giving examples of your own experience of panic was invaluable-as you’d never guess looking at you! Message loud and clear that anxiety can affect anyone/any age very reassuring. I’d have loved it to be even longer than it was. The children really enjoyed it and were actively participating as there wasn’t a sound when you were speaking. Breathing techniques and positive affirmations -brilliant! Thank you!

5th class teacher

Excellent content, fantastic ideas to help the children relax when feeling anxious/nervous. Appropriate length of time- the children were engaged throughout. The children enjoyed the various activities, in particular the self -talk activity-paper and tearing it. Loved the breathing exercises/music/ listening to the calming music. We would love follow up session!

Ms L - 4th class teacher

We really enjoyed our session today. It was of great benefit to all the children, not only did they learn how anxiety makes them feel, but they learned techniques to deal with these feelings. The children were all engaged, and it was fun. Having a break in the middle was a good idea as there was a lot of learning. The children really enjoyed the mindful colouring and chanting at the end.

Mr K - Primary 7 teacher

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, my class have been very unsettled since returning to school in March and they have been difficult to engage in activities. What a transformation! Right from the start they joined in they moved to the music, took part in the breathing activities, came up with their own chants, created a rap poem and then lay on the floor for over 5 minutes with not a peep out of them! They were so relaxed afterwards and said how much they got out of it. Thank you.

Ms R - P5/6 teacher

The children loved the session and participated eagerly in all the activities. They had the opportunity to sing, breath, colour and relax. It was a well timed session for them and I have taken ideas from it for breathing and relaxing strategies – thank you for being so open and sharing them with us. I would highly recommend and look forward to having you back.

Mrs I - Principal

Our school loved having Resilient Rhythms workshops and the feedback from all staff has been excellent. They liked the fact that you helped the children understand that we all get anxious, and you gave them ideas they could use at any time. It was so lovely to hear music and laughter again with some of the pupils. We look forward to having you back for the classes who couldn’t join in this time.

L - 9yrs

Today I enjoyed when we were talking about how we felt. I found out that I wasn’t the only one who gets shivers and some people cant stop moving when the get nervous like me. I also liked when we were singing “we are perfect and pretty”.

L - 9yrs

I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the colouring. Now I know how to get rid of anxiety and what it means. Now because I enjoyed it I feel a lot more happy. Rating 10/10.

E - 9yrs

My name is E and I thought it was perfect and I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was the breathing part. I don’t have a least favourite part I like it all. I also liked the part when we did, I am wonderful that was really fun. I had the best day.

Anon - 13yrs

I enjoyed the breathing exercises. I will use them when I get overwhelmed. I didn’t enjoy the negative thoughts until I learned we were getting rid of them.

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